Seven reasons why Hydrocept Shampoo should be your first choice

  1. Highest Quality natural coconut and botanical oil-based cleansing ingredients
  2. Gentle, hypoallergenic and soap free. No Sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates
  3. Made with rich natural oils, leaving the coat silky and healthy. Replaces essential skin fatty acids
  4. Unique combination of surfactants, resulting in a rich gentle cleansing lather, easy rinsing and smooth finish
  5. Full of rich conditioners, including Pro-Vitamin B5, which promotes long lasting moisture and strength to the hair
  6. Designed to be gentle enough for frequent and even daily use
  7. Formulated specifically for the unique characteristics of canine skin and fur
Hydrocept and Rainforest Coastal Labs daily Use hand lotion

Hydrocept by Rainforest Coastal Labs

Hydrocept products from Rainforest Coastal Labs are designed to cleanse and restore natural skin-protecting oils, as well as match the neutral pH balance of canine skin. A gentle and effective surfactant blend is used to capture and lift away surface dirt, bacteria, and dead cells. Natural triglycerides and fatty acids restore the skin barrier against allergens, bacteria and dirt while simultaneously replenishing and rejuvenating the coat. A Hydrocept-healthy skin and coat retains moisture and natural elasticity. Premium botanical oils and polysaccharides leave your dog clean and fresh smelling. Our products rinse easily and are formulated for use by hand or through professional shampooing systems.