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JULY 30, 2013





I was not asked to do this review, I chose to do this review. I wanted to give my opinion on RFCLS so others could learn about what I think is a very good shampoo and spread the word on it by having a give away at the end of the review.


This is what Rainforest Coastal Labs has to say about their product:


Hydrocept products from Rainforest Coastal Labs are designed to cleanse and restore natural skin-protecting oils, as well as match the neutral pH balance of canine skin. A gentle and effective surfactant blend is used to capture and lift away surface dirt, bacteria, and dead cells. Natural triglycerides and fatty acids restore the skin barrier against allergens, bacteria and dirt while simultaneously replenishing and rejuvenating the coat. A Hydrocept-healthy skin and coat retains moisture and natural elasticity. Premium botanical oils and polysaccharides leave your dog clean and fresh smelling. Our products rinse easily and are formulated for use by hand or through professional shampooing systems.


  1. Highest Quality natural coconut and botanical oil-based cleansing ingredients
  2. Gentle, hypoallergenic and soap free. No Sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates
  3. Made with rich natural oils, leaving the coat silky and healthy. Replaces essential skin fatty acids
  4. Unique combination of surfactants, resulting in a rich gentle cleansing lather, easy rinsing and smooth finish
  5. Full of rich conditioners, including Pro-Vitamin B5, which promotes long lasting moisture and strength to the hair
  6. Designed to be gentle enough for frequent and even daily use
  7. Formulated specifically for the unique characteristics of canine skin and fur

Check out Rain Forest Costal Labs testimonials (of course Norman has something to say about the shampoo).

To see their products, prices and to place a order click here. You have your choice of Hydrocept Sensitive Skin Shampoo, Hydrocept Extreme Coat Shampoo, Hydrocept Groomer’s Spa Shampoo, Hydrocept Groomer’s Spa Conditioner, Hydrocept Natural Flea Tick Formulation and now a New Hand Lotion!

A portion of every sale also goes to support therapy dog-focused nonprofit organizations.

Now on to the fun stuff photo’s and review.

The Shampoo I am using is the Extreme Outdoor Coat.

The before pictures were taken in the morning, bath then after pictures were taken later in the same day.

During, lathers up nicely without using a lot of product.

Rinses without having to spend a lot of time getting the shampoo residue off. You don’t need that much shampoo to get them clean.

After, picture taken while still damp. Look how Gamblers sides look lighter from the before picture. The shampoo did a great job at getting Gambler clean.

Chesapeake’s are known for their “oily” coats. Some say you shouldn’t bath them let alone everyday as it will strip the natural oils off their skin and leave them vulnerable while hunting in the cold temperatures.  My Chesapeake’s live in the house with us, they sleep in our bed at night and they go hunting during the waterfowl and upland bird season. The area’s we hunt in are not ideal and the dogs come out black after hunting so they get a bath. That maybe twice in one weekend. RFCLS is formulated to be able to be used each day. It is gentile enough to be used on dogs that are in the harshest environment and need baths regularly. Their coats are dull and course before a bath and after they are shiny and soft, full and thick.


Sand Spring gives RFCLS 16 paws up!






Extreme coat really fluffed up my coat! It hasn't been this curly in a long time.
- JoAnn Stancer

Cyndi McNamara I don't write reviews, but I just used Hydrocept Shampoo from Rainforest Costal Labs and I am loving the results so much that I had to share. I hate bathing the dogs because they have always lost their water repellency and smelled like perfume for a week. I washed them both with Hydrocept and they were able to shake and be 80% dry so I know I didn’t strip them of any natural oils, but their coat feels and smells clean and they still have their curls!
- Cyndi McNamara

Cyndi McNamara Just tried out our new bottle of Rainforest Costal Labs Hydrocept Shampoo...brilliant Gigi Strauss!
- Cyndi McNamara

I washed Lucy with the sample you gave me. That was the softest I ever felt her coat.
- Randy

I can't wait for my sample. I know some of my clients will like it.
- Holly

I've got to give my testimonial too! My Dolly has terrible problems with allergies and icky spots from scratching. Gigi's Shampoo straightened her right out.
- Gretchen

Gigi, I used the Groomer's Hydrocept Conditioner on this Pom that had lots of undercoat coming out in globs. It made short work of that mess. He is cute and soft with a nice shine to his coat. Thanks!
- Holly Dog Spa Owner

I received a trial shampoo from Rainforest Coastal Labs. Coincidentally, right before I received it, Timo decided to cool off in a stinky, swampy pond of water in the woods! My black dog was now brown and gross! I washed him using the Hydrocept Extreme Formulation... He smells so clean and his coat looked better than it did before he was Mr. Swamp Boy! I have posted photos of him all cleaned up with his shiny coat!

Some shots of Mr. Swamp Boy before getting cleaned up with the Rainforest Coastal Labs Hydrocept Extreme Formulation...


Now look how beautiful and clean I am! Thank you Gigi for letting me try your wonderful product!
- Kim NY Photographer

Just trimmed the girls' nails and gave them a bath with Rainforest Coastal Labs shampoo. This shampoo is great! It's not hard on their skin. It makes their fur really soft.
- Patti

Thank you for your post. I have a HORRIBLE time finding the right shampoo for my Katie. Lab's get itchy so easily.
- Shelly

This stuff is great. Ria can get real itchy and that is why I use it. It's called Professional Hydrocept Shampoo. Gigi is a lab person too.
- Patti

BEST DOG SHAMPOO EVER - RAINFOREST COASTAL LABS. Gigi, I can't thank you enough. Wow! Great stuff.
- Nancy

Yup, good stuff.
- Josh

We love it here at Happy Tails too!
- Melinda

Look how good your shampoo is workin' Gigi!
- Loren

There is a difference between show dog shampoo and home use shampoo. Your products do great. We used the one you recommend on Rain and she was not as soft and less fluffy so that we could prep her for a show and yet her coat was very shiny. I definitely want to order a bigger bottle and try it on my other labs.
- Christina

I love this shampoo for my dogs with pups, no soap residue to worry about!
- Carole