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After working for Pfizer®, our founder decided that helping patients and staff in hospitals was how she wanted to spend her time. Her love of dogs made animal-assisted therapy a perfect fit. All was on track—she had two amazing certified therapy dogs and she was making a lot of volunteer visits. She was, however, having a lot of problems with the frequent bathing required by the hospital (Joint Commission requirements). A victim of Raynaud's disease, her hands are incredibly sensitive to temperature and chemicals. Not only were her hands being irritated by shampooing her dogs, but her dogs' skin was, too.

She searched vets and groomers across the nation for a product she could use multiple times a week but to no avail. Even products made for sensitive skin didn't help. She was really worried that she might not be able to continue making therapy dog visits. Her husband, an MD, began a quest to develop a product that she could use that would be gentle on not only her hands but also pH balanced for canine skin and address the special needs of sensitive dogs. After nearly a year of research, a very hot trip to the equatorial rainforest, and testing of hundreds of ingredients and formulations, the sensitive skin formula came to fruition. We started sharing this with friends who had dogs with problem skin and they told their friends and, well, we couldn't keep up with the demand. We realized that this formula could help many of dog owners, so Rainforest Coastal Labs Hydrocept products were born.

You'll appreciate the premium ingredients after just one use. A portion of every sale also goes to support therapy dog-focused nonprofit organizations.

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